Things Dry Out Fast!

Mt Folly Farm Irrigation

Boy, did things dry out fast! For the past month, we have been irrigating the hemp crop and our vegetables for the farm-to-table restaurant at the distillery, opening this fall. The last of the hay is getting cut and rolled, and we wait impatiently for a part of the silage chopper, which broke after we’d…

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Behind On Planting

Hemp Transplants

Christian, Laura, and Ben admire the hemp transplants. It is June 1, wet, and I don’t recall being this far behind on planting, though I know my memory can trick me.​ Our Austrian Winter Peas, which we plant before organic corn to fix Nitrogen and then plow under, have made a crop! Yesterday, walking the…

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We Made It Through Winter

Baby Goat

We made it through the winter without any big disasters, and are gearing up for another season. Calving and kidding started March 1, so the farm is happy with young calves and young goats. We haven’t had problems in either herd. Most of the spring seed is ordered, some is delivered, the fields are limed,…

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