Mt. Folly FarmHemp Transplants
Hemp Transplants
Christian, Laura, and Ben admire the hemp transplants.

It is June 1, wet, and I don’t recall being this far behind on planting, though I know my memory can trick me.

Our Austrian Winter Peas, which we plant before organic corn to fix Nitrogen and then plow under, have made a crop! Yesterday, walking the Mule Barn field, I managed to fill my stomach and pocket with peas as I bushwhacked along.

Mule Barn, one of our best organic fields, is split this year between hemp and organic corn. The hemp clones are under some oak trees, waiting for it to be dry enough for us to transplant them. We’ve already got one set of hemp cuttings in the ground, have this one and another, plus hemp for fiber left to go.

Planting behind Tractor

The organic beans are all in, planted into rye, which is supposed to help with weed suppression. We’ve got several rows of sweet potatoes in, and need to plant a whole lot more, for Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, opening late this fall.

I’ll write again when everything is planted. Here is the list of what’s left: organic corn, some hemp, Heritage corn, sweet potatoes and organic clover for seed. It is going to be quite a push to the finish!

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