The Wettest Year in Central Kentucky

Laura With Soybeans

It’s official. 2018 was the wettest year in central Kentucky since area record-keeping began in 1872. Our non-gmo soybeans are still in the field. We’ve been unable to harvest them because we’ve not gotten a good period of dry. Driving into town, I see other farmers in the same situation, fields unharvested. It’s a real…

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May – High Summer, 2018


We finally have some dry weather, and harvest is on. We’ve got our Cobbler variety of CBD in the barn, and finished our organic corn today. Our organic yellow corn goes in the grain bin, for sale in 2019. Our organic Bloody Butcher is cleaned and sacked, ready for the granary, which we’ll fire up…

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We Need To Get Planting

Mt Folly Farm Plants

March and April 2018 It has been a cold, wet spring, and we need to get planting. We’ve weaned the fall calves, fixed everything that needed fixing, and spent two months slogging through mud, and more mud. Right now, the guys are testing the flame weeder, our weapon against weeds in our organic fields. March…

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