regeneration distilling co
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copper pot still at Regeneration Distilling Co
The copper pot still in the morning, looking forward to a good day's work

Regeneration Distilling Co is the farm-to-bottle market for the best of Mt. Folly’s non-GMO and organic corn and small grains.

We are proud farmer-distillers, bringing back an old tradition of agrarian stills, tobacco barn aging, and local whiskey. Laura and the team use small grains grown for spirits to improve soil health at the farm and to revitalize a rural community.  Follow our efforts on facebook.

Try a sample at 31 E. Broadway; Winchester, KY or at the farm shop at 1 S. Main. You’ll want to bring home a bottle, whether you like the smooth spice of good whiskey or a nice clear sweet potato ‘shine for sipping and mixing.