Ag as Industry or Farming as Vocation?

Industrial, polluting megafarms and processors

owned by investment banks and foreign agents

who could care less about local interests

Vibrant family farms, local land, regional economy

family farm soaking up sun

paying a fair wage to employees, building community,

and working to solve the climate crisis

Which Do You Choose?

Laura FreemanIf you choose the home farm option, then Laura’s Mercantile is for you.

One of my lessons from building and selling the Laura’s Lean Beef Company is that global economics force food companies into trap from which it is hard to escape.

Our answer, now in its fourth iteration, is to sell our farm products locally and sell non-perishable farm products online nationally. This is working reasonably well. We hope you’ll take a peek, and if you are from central Kentucky, shop locally, and if you are from elsewhere, shop online with us! 

2021 marks Mt. Folly’s 7th year of participation in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s hemp program. Our hemp is USDA-certified organic, and we are the sole supplier for Laura’s Homestead Alternative’s CBD.

Our hemp is grown, harvested and dried at the farm, then taken to Lexington, Kentucky to be extracted for Homestead Alternatives full spectrum hemp products. All of the hemp used for Homestead Alternatives is organically raised by our talented farm team, under the watchful eye of Laura, who remains highly involved with farm management.

Mt Folly Sunset with young hemp plants
Young hemp plants at the end of a day soaking up the sun

Please visit us at Laura's Mercantile!

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CBD for pain relief and healing and farm products from people we know and trust