From Laura’s Lean Beef to Mt. Folly Hemp

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1833 Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2021 marks Mt. Folly’s 7th year of participation in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s hemp program, and our 5th year in the distilling business.  Our hemp is USDA-certified organic, and we are the sole supplier for Laura’s Homestead Alternative’s CBD. 

We also are proud farmer distillers, bringing back an old tradition of agrarian stills, tobacco barn aging, and local whiskey. Grain for whiskey and fruit for summer brandies is grown at Mt. Folly. Liquor is ready “right off the still” at Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, and whiskey is aged in a tobacco barn here on the farm. 

Our whiskey is exclusive, true small batch, and is only available at Wildcat Willy’s in Winchester. 

Our hemp is grown, harvested and dried at the farm, then taken to Lexington, Kentucky to be extracted for Homestead Alternatives full spectrum hemp products. All of the hemp used for Homestead Alternatives is organically raised by our talented farm team, under the watchful eye of Laura, who remains highly involved with farm management. 

Laura and the team envision both the hemp and whiskey to improve soil health at the farm and to revitalize a rural community.  Follow our efforts on facebook and Instagram,  and sign up for the farm newsletter to see our progress. This is not a marketing scheme, but a learning opportunity, with the good, the bad and the ugly.  We are proud to be the first farm ever to grow grain for whiskey and raise hemp as part of our regenerative agriculture program!

Real Kentucky Craft 1833 Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Organic Certification