From Laura’s Lean Beef to Mt. Folly Hemp

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2020 marks our 6th season of participation in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s innovative hemp program. Here at Mt. Folly, we are raising USDA-certified organic hemp for therapeutic uses, hemp grain and hemp for fiber.


Our hemp is grown, harvested and dried here at the farm, then taken to Lexington, Kentucky to be extracted for Homestead Alternatives full spectrum hemp products. All of the hemp used for Homestead Alternatives is organically raised by our talented farm team, under the watchful eye of Laura, who remains highly involved with farm management.

Hemp for grain (seeds) is also grown here, which we use to make hemp hearts. This grain is high in protein, nutty tasting and nutritious. These hemp plants are specially bred for this job, setting seed similar to wheat or oats. We make Laura’s Hemp Chocolates, a delightful plant-based protein treat with dark, nutritious chocolate and hemp hearts.

Our hemp fiber crop is a farm experiment, to see if we can grow a fiber which may be used to replace plastics. Follow us on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter to see our progress.

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