From Laura’s Lean Beef to Mt. Folly Hemp

     You might remember me as “Laura,” who started Laura’s Lean Beef 30-plus years ago. Back then, I was ahead of the times in introducing antibiotic-free, locally pastured beef to millions of Americans. Now I’m doing something similar with hemp.

     2018 marks our 4th season of participation in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s innovative Hemp program. For the past three years, we’ve grown a hemp grain crop, and this year we’ve added a hemp oil variety.

Planting hemp at Mt. Folly

Mt Folly’s 2018 hemp crop, with a visitor, at sunset.

Hemp hearts, made from hemp grain, the seeds of the plant, are high in protein, nutty tasting and nutritious. The plants which produce this are specially bred for this job, setting seed similar to wheat or oats, and harvested with a combine. We make dark chocolate candy with Kentucky hemp hearts.

Laura’s Hemp Chocolates come in three varieties

Hemp on wagon, just harvested

A different strain of hemp produces floral material high in cannabidiols, terpenes, and other beneficial molecules. We grow and harvest this differently, and are posting our season’s progress in our farm year as we go. We are making sought-after products from both types of hemp plant.