Mt. Folly - Our 2017 Farm Year

Our 2017 Farm Year

Farming ain’t easy. The challenges are numerous, the problems complex, the solutions difficult to plan, harder to execute. But it is fun….real fun.

Generally, we try to plant cover crops on all our fields, but every once and a while, we don’t get this done. On the organic ground shown above, the weed load (johnsongrass in particular) was so bad, that we plowed, and then this spring planted spring peas. We will harrow these under before we plant organic corn in May.

Bill "Wildcat Willy" and Grandaughter Ana

Some of this we planned, and some we didn’t...

We celebrated New Year’s Eve here at the farm, with my husband Bill in a hospital bed, having just had his knee replaced.

As of mid-January, prices have improved a bit, and we are starting to sell our non-GMO corn. When we deliver to the terminal at the Ohio River, CGB, the purchaser, does a variety of tests to ensure there is no genetic pollution in the crop. We’ve passed with flying colors!

Our big winter news, however, is the decision to remodel the farm’s original residence, a 1790 log house, which had an “L” built on it in the 1840’s. A Kentucky Landmark, it needed some TLC. The TLC turned into tough love, as running plumbing that wouldn’t freeze and putting in a better kitchen, was impossible without interior demolition. This revealed a 2-story brick chimney, which will be the centerpiece of the “L”. The cabin is in pretty good shape, almost ready for its close-up.